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A bit about Puhoi

Puhoi is a classic wee spot bathed in sun and nestled in bush beside a historic river, just the right distance away from Auckland.

It’s rich in history and characters; both of which can usually be found at the iconic Puhoi Pub – a pilgrimage destination for afternoon beersies ever since the first settlers turned up.

It’s a pretty good village, and we thought a pretty good village really deserves a pretty good beer. So we made one. And just quietly, between you and I and half the pub, it’s not bad at all.

Puhoi Pils

Puhoi Pils is our version of the classic Czech pilsner.

Inspired by the original Bohemian settlers of Puhoi, our Pils is a drinkable lager with a bunch of character.

If we were trying to impress you we might have crapped on about Puhoi Pils being a mix of NZ and classic Czech noble hops that provide floral, citrusy, and spicy flavours on a light malt base with subtle bready and toasty characters. But we wouldn’t want to beer-bore you so let’s just say it’s bloody tasty.

Puhoi Pils also goes well with sunshine, tall tales, good yarns, and fish ‘n’ chips wrapped in newspaper.

Your first one tastes pretty good, and the second’s not bad either.

Where you can get yourself a pint

Only the finest of establishments within a radius we can be arsed driving to are chosen to lovingly pour PUHOI BEER.

So far that’s the Puhoi Pub, the Puhoi Sports Club and a few others. But keep your eyes peeled.

Or maybe a keg

If you reckon you know a few people keen to get their mitts on a fresh pint of Puhoi Pils then drop us a line below and we will sort you out.

How to get hold of us

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    How to get to the Puhoi Pub

    Puhoi PubHead North, then turn left.

    Or if you actually want to get there here’s a link to what google reckons it’ll take to get there from your place.

    I’d probably their directions over ours, so see you when you get here…

    Help me, Google

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